Our Researches

Our vision is to face, deepen, find and realize innovative and disruptive solutions. Research Centers usually focus on specific aspects, losing the global view.
We adopt a top-down approach, allowing to consider all aspects of a problem at the same time.
We start from industry gaps, identify “the missing link”, and then we proceed with theoretical research; next step is to work on research applied to various industry sectors, with related patent deposit; last step is the realization of MVP from our Engineers, and to search investors: a virtuous endless loop, from Industry to Research and viceversa.

Extreme Physics

The title 'Extreme Physics' is to be understood in terms of the subtitle 'Properties and Behaviour of Matter at Extreme Conditions'. Mostly this refers to matter at high temperatures and/or high pressures, far beyond the values at standard conditions on Earth and in Space.

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Materials & Metamaterials for Extreme Environments

Research about Materials for Extreme Environments includes high strain-rate and high energy damage mechanics, multiscale computational materials modeling, and optical diagnostics.

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Extreme Engineering

It’s what the experts call “hostile-environment technology.” These are the machines, devices and various mechanisms made to perform tasks in places that are dangerous or impossible for humans to tread. Like in outer space, on other planets or inside nuclear reactor facilities.

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NanoScience & Magnonics for Extreme Environments

Nanomaterials and Magnonics under extreme conditions of high temperature, irradiation by electron/ions and neutrons as well as in mechanical and corrosion extremes.

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Wave medicine

How Medicine based on chemistry and on waves can help the body and mind response to extreme environments and physical challenges.

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About Us

EXTRENV is focused on Physics and Engineering for Extreme Environments.

EXTRENV, Research Area of HealthQE, International Research Center, is born thanks to an initiative of some Top Scientists , Medical Doctors and Managers.
Both of them are private non-profit Scientific Associations.
They are complementary to each other.

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Disruptive Solutions with Advanced Technology

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Top-Class Scientists, Medical Doctors and Managers

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September 1, 2022
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EXTRENV is born!

From Independent Research Center HealthQE is born EXTRENV, focused on PHYSICS and ENGINEERING for...

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